Imaging Guidance Surgical Robotic System

Our newly developed surgical robots are embedded with imaging and surgical planning software, optical tracking and robotic arm. The design incorporates both radiographic navigation and precise positioning capabilities. The integrated design is compact in size that suitable for biopsy, drainage, implantation and other conventional surgical procedures with a minimally invasive treatment.

A.I. Surgical Planner

Our surgical planner is based on intelligent medical images analyses include machine learning, artificial neural network, spatial information manipulation etc. to complete medical image fusion, automatic registration, surgical planning, and automatic evaluation. Doctors can identify the best diagnostic position and path via 3D image and multimodal medical images.

Optical tracker

Our optical tracker can detect the high-contrast visible pattern, perform 3D target positioning, identify the marker in automatically, and navigate the robotic arm to the diagnostic position by real-time tracking. Doctors can reduce the time for CT/MRI, perform visualize tracking and contactless registration, and conduct a precise surgical navigation.

Robotic arm

Our robotic arm is in DH model solver and inverse kinematic solver & controller. Doctors can allow robotic arm move into predefined position by system remote control device. By monitoring the real-time process, we can control the movement range and posture of robotic arm. Moreover, our system is embedded with free-drive model and safety warning to ensure a safe operation.

Delivery cart

Our integrated design is compact in size, which can deliver to any operation locations. The system equips reserve power to reduce the effect of the accident.

Research and Development